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The GROSS STABIL brand is internationally known as a specialist for chair and furniture casters and glides. Our products are distributed worldwide and for the North American Market we round off the portfolio with other additional furniture components for a complete offering.

Our customers appreciate not only the design of our products, highest product quality and our sustainable solutions, they also value our quick delivery times and our helpful and accommodating customer service. The Headquarters for GROSS STABIL CORP. is located in Coldwater, Michigan –  close to a lot of the major office furniture manufacturers.

Product development and production are headquartered in Germany at GROSS+FROELICH, our parent company. GROSS+FROELICH also positioned itself in the market with numerous patents and design awards, especially for our MOVE product family. This is true Made-in-Germany quality in practice and also a significant advantage over our competitors. Some of our products are produced in our partner factories in Asia, though always under our design directive and quality control.

Despite all innovation, tradition is a top priority at GROSS+FROELICH: the company was founded in 1879 in Stuttgart (Germany) as a cast iron foundry. In 1960, they added a plastic injection molding production for casters, and shortly thereafter the product portfolio was expanded to include chrome-plated ball and furniture casters. GROSS+FROELICH as well as GROSS STABIL continue to be a family owned business, currently managed by the 5th generation.

Environment & Sustainability

Our products are integrated into the design of our customers’ products -  often over a long period of time. While an honor, this also poses us with a challenge, but plastic and sustainability do not have to be opposites! Our engineering enables the lowest possible material volume and its high quality and durability are more than convincing.

Sascha S. Thiesen - President
Sascha S. Thiesen

Quality Management

Our integrated management system is certified according to the international standards DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality), 14001 (environmental) and 50001 (energy management). This is a given for us and we take great pride in our quality. Protecting our customers is as much a concern as it is an obligation for us – therefore we only use materials regulated via REACH or RoHS, for example.

Ralf U. Mayer - Head of Quality Management
Ralf U. Mayer
Head of Quality Management

Shipments & Quality Control

We give our best each day to make sure shipments and delivery run smoothly so we can best support each and every customer. We also keep a watchful eye on the quality of our products to ensure you only receive the best.

Warehouse & Quality
From Left: Mitchell Klingler, Don Marshall, Nolan Marshall
Quality Control, Warehouse, Shipping and Receiving

Solid Foundation

As a family business, we have a solid financial backing and are financially independent. This gives us the space to maneuver and react accordingly to provide the best service for our customers.

Michelle Klingler - General Manager
Michelle Klingler
General Manager


Our strength in innovation is evident in many facets - be it in the selection of materials we use, the production process or in design. We use the newest development methods and always focus on the added value for our customers.

Ferdinand Kraus - Engineering & Development
Ferdinand Krauss
Engineering & Development

Made in Germany

We produce made-to-order and all our processes are in-house. Made in Germany means flexibility, high quality and dedication to meeting our customers’ delivery dates.

Frank Eberwein - Production
Frank Eberwein

Customer Service

We have a suitable solution for almost every application - even if we have to find it especially for our customer. That is our standard.

Customer Service – Sales
From left: Mindy Timm, Michelle Klingler, Jessica Zabonick, Cindy Anderson, Richelle Kulpinski
Customer Service – Sales

Our numbers speak for us


of experience in casters: with pride we can say there is hardly an office furniture manufacturer in Europe that we do not supply to.


various casters ranging in diameter from 32 to 100 mm.


GROSS STABIL Corporation was founded in Coldwater, Michigan. Since then, we have been a preferred partner of most well-known furniture manufacturers in North America.


employees worldwide give their best to inspire our customers.


Our headquarters has been located in Weil der Stadt in Baden-Württemberg, Germany since 1997 – Kepler’s hometown.

Our History

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Market launch of MOVE 100

Market launch of MOVE 65 Slim Line in white

Changeover of company cars to hybrid models

MOVE 75 elegance receives iF DESIGN AWARD 2021

MOVE 75 elegance und Logo iF DESIGN AWARD 2021

Conversion of factory lighting to LED

Market launch of MOVE 75 elegance


Nomination for the German Brand Award 2019 (German Design Council)

Assembly line for caster transport protectors commissioned

Third assembly line for the complete MOVE product family commissioned


First unmanned injection molding production line commissioned


iF product design award for STATO M glide family

iF product design award

First certification according to ISO 50001 for energy management

iF product design award for movetto rc®

iF product design award

red dot design award for MOVE elegance with Delta Brake

interzum award: intelligent material & design 2011 for MOVE elegance with Delta Brake

interzum award

Market launch movetto


MOVE caster family receives interzum award: intelligent material & design 2007

Move Rolle und Logo des interzum award

LGA certificate for MOVE 50 received

First certification according to ISO 14001 for environmental management

First million MOVE casters rolled off the production line


LGA certificate for the MOVE 60 received

Market launch of the MOVE product family


Sale of the clamps business division and concentration on the furniture caster business unit


First fully automatic assembly line for 60mm and larger casters commissioned


Relocation of company headquarters from Stuttgart to Weil der Stadt in Germany


First certification according to ISO 9001 for quality management


First fully automatic assembly line for 50mm casters commissioned


First semi-automatic assembly line for 50mm casters commissioned

Foundation of the sales company GROSS STABIL CORP. in Coldwater (MI), USA


Closure of cast iron foundry

1960er Jahre

First plastic injection molded casters are developed and produced. This lays the foundation for today's core competence of GROSS+FROELICH.

1950er Jahre

Export activities begin worldwide

1920er Jahre

Product range is expanded to include casters and glides


Clamp production began


Foundation of a malleable cast iron foundry for door and window handles as well as keys in Stuttgart-Heslach by Mr. Gross and Mr. Froelich

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