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Get insight on the various aspects of our company and production through the camera lens below!

Finished Product : MOVE 60 elegance

The heart of MOVE - patented guide insert

Ensuring everything is running smoothly

Wheels getting mounted

Quality check for stems

Stems being placed in the housings

MOVE 60 elegance getting packed up

MOVE Production Machine from above

Various Production Steps : Injection Molding

Injection molding production from above

Wheel cores placed into machine

Completed soft wheels falling from tooling

Production Process: Soft wheels

Wheel cores picked up by machine

Various Production Steps : Assembly

High end chrome casters get special treatment

Pressing bushing into housing

Chrome housings being placed on the assembly line

Final quality check and packaging

Polishing before packaging

Packing up the casters

Various No-Noise™ Stem Production Steps

Stems being fed to machine

Close-up: Circlip being mounted

No-Noise™ Stems completed

Various Durability Tests

Durability Test according to BIFMA X5.1 / DIN EN 1335

Heavy Duty Durability Test

Dynamic Test according to DIN EN 12528

Drop Test

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