At GROSS STABIL, we take the responsibility of future generations seriously and sustainability is a central guiding principle for us.

This applies to all areas - from the production process, the materials used, the approach in product development to the social framework conditions.

Not only are we guided by legal requirements and environmental guidelines, but we also deliberately go beyond them.

Since 2020 GROSS STABIL has been monitoring its carbon footprint in accordance to the GHG Protocol guidelines. This monitoring marks the first step to set targets in order to reduce our carbon footprint and to protect our planet.

  2020 2021 2022
Direct Emissions (Scope 1) 89 t CO2e1 78 t CO2e 121 t CO2e
Indirect Emissions (Scope 2)2 68 t CO2e    67 t CO2e    69 t CO2e   

1 metric tons CO2e
2 from purchased energy

Globally our sister company, GROSS+FROELICH produces exclusively at the site in Weil der Stadt near Stuttgart. More than 90% of our suppliers come from the region or produce a max distance of 500km from our location. This allows the ecological standards to be precisely controlled and the short distances also allow an environmentally friendly transport of goods.

Furthermore, our sister company, GROSS+FROELICH, is ISO 50001 ceritified since 2013. With this certification, the company is committed to continuously improve its energy efficiency year over year.

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